Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just when I was thinking how uninteresting my life has become, I just had to go lose my wallet. It's amazing how important that small strip of cowhide is. In it is my identity, my affiliations, my privileges, and access to my finances. Losing it is almost like becoming persona non grata in my own society. For a brief moment, I learned whet it felt like to have no money, and no way to get my hands on any since I couldn't prove who I was to my bank. THAT was scary.

I suspect my wallet had slipped out of my pocket somewhere between J8 (breakfast) and MacRitchie Reservoir (newly discovered marking and aborted lunch place). It must still have been with me at J8 'cos I was able to pay for breakfast, but by the time I wanted to pay for lunch, it had vanished. I doubt I got pickpocketed 'cos I don't remember anyone coming within arm's reach of me, but if it had fallen someplace someone must have found it, and if they were honest they would have somehow contacted me about it by now. But so far, no word.

Spent the rest of the afternoon retracing my steps, but nothing. So I lodged a lost report with J8, and with the Bishan NPP. The friendly police sergeant patiently explained that the report was just a record of loss, and if anyone turned in my wallet as a found item at any NPP it would simply be easier to trace. This means I still have to go to ICA and Traffic Police in Ubi to get my ID and driving license replaced.

Had to cancel all my credit cards -- the respective issuers informed me that no purchases were made on them today, phew -- and got my ATM card replaced. And slowly, I'm piecing my life back together, though it'll still be a few days before I'm whole again. How exciting.

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