Monday, June 04, 2007

Went biking with HP and NBS along ECP. A nice, easy pedal along the beach front, breathing the fresh sea air and being grateful for it. We moved mostly at a slow, even pace though we picked it up closer to the end of our 2 hours in order to 1) beat the thundercloud menacing us overhead, and 2) to grab some lunch before the afternoon movie screening at Eng Wah Suntec.

Introduced NBS to Carl's Jr at Marina Square. Though the burgers are impressive in size, I was even more impressed with the 2 girls who demolished their burgers and left no remains. It's great to be in company that doesn't pick at their food.

HP and I joined Amy who was swamped with organizing the movie screening at Eng Wah. The college kids arrived in droves to watch Shrek 3 that Amy had arranged a corporate screening for. In between trying to get some marking done, we lent a hand in distributing the tix, collecting cash from stragglers, and whatever else it took to keep Amy sane through it all.

Apart from the movie, the EW staff took us to view the projection room and showed us how the analog and digital projectors worked, plus the inner workings of the industrial-strength popcorn machine they keep behind the snack counter. They use a lot of sugar. A. Lot.

And how was Shrek 3? Still clever, this time involving characters from legend, apart from the usual fairy tale crowd. As with the rest of this year's 3-quels, it's slightly dark, but at least it doesn't go overboard trying to outdo itself. The least disappointing 3-quel I've seen this year so far.

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