Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome to Urban Pooch -- a doggy day-care, grooming, supply store and cafe catering to the discerning palates of both human and K9 companion. Urban Pooch is at Monville Mansions, off Balestier Road. It's a tranquil little oasis compared to the heavy traffic of the main thoroughfare.

Finally, an eating place that's totally dog-friendly and specially licensed to welcome the likes of Q-tip's species. Here, people and dog may eat in peace at the same table. They won't necessarily eat the same food, but the doggy portion looks just as well presented as the human. Chix or lamb, Q-tip?

Service is very personal, since Raye seems to run the operation by herself. I think one of her perks is meeting all sorts of dogs and giving each one an adoring pat on the head. She's quite polite to their owners too.

Main courses come with a side of sup du jour. Today's happened to be a creamy homemade mushroom soup.

I ordered a honey pepper chicken and it came with a colourful side salad. Doesn't it look attractive?

One thing about the food, though, the doctrine here is to go big on taste. The chicken marinade is very generous, thick and rich. Personally, I prefer a more subtle flavour. I like my meats to speak for themselves, but then, I'm a purist about this sort of thing.

I believe the portions are cooked by the order, so next time I'll just remind Raye to go easy on the sauces and keep the meat simple.

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