Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just got word of the demise of an old school chum of mine. From his obituary, it seems he was an air force pilot of both fighters and unmanned aerial reconnaissance craft. No idea what happened to him, so I'll probably find out... if I decide to attend the wake tomorrow.

I'll just immortalize this story of him here: When we were classmates in lower secondary school, there was a cartoon on TV called Kum Kum. We nicknamed my friend after this character because they shared a similar name. One day, he got in trouble with our lit teacher who hauled him up in front of the class and gave him an earful. Thinking the tirade was over, my friend turned to walk back to his seat. But, no, our teacher wasn't finished. She stretched out a hand at him and called him back, "Come come!" I doubt she ever knew the reason why the class dissolved into hilarity at that.

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