Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Edit 01:
While the stuff below this para deals with how news articles should be written, my old buddy, Cherry-Ann, has something to say about how journalists should ask questions. Check out his entry: http://journalism.sg/2008/03/02/the-other-casualty-of-the-great-escape-mainstream-media-credibility/
I know I ought to let go and move on, but even though I'm no longer with NYconneX I still feel the itch to drop in now and then to contribute my occasional 2-cents. I do believe strongly that we have the potential here to create a training ground for students who aspire towards the profession of journalism. Ha! Easy for me to say -- I'm no journalist myself, just someone who writes junk on a blog.

There's a lot of learning that we can acquire just by doing, as I have had through the couple of years I spent editing for the campus 'paper. But without the wisdom of someone who has actually been in the business, the learning tends to be limited and myopic. So, if there are any NYconneX journos out there who are still reading this, here are some sharp insights from SPH's Mr Ngiam about the job. He touches on journalistic professionalism, and the free press and censorship -- issues that a person of his experience is better positioned to advise on than I.

If I was trying to be a serious 'citizen journalist' instead of just some random mad blogger, I would feel humbly chastised by his words.

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