Friday, May 02, 2008

Concert Band's performing Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf." Traditionally, there's a little drama to go with this piece, illustrating the role each major instrument plays in the orchestra. Through simple association, the bird represents the piccolo, grumpy Gramps represents the bassoon, the trigger-happy hunters represent the kettle-drums, and so on. As the instruments interweave their themes through the score, the story of how brave Peter captures a voracious wolf prowling around the farm comes to life before the audience's eyes.

HP brought me in to see how her actors could learn to move like the characters they are playing. The kids and I had quite a workout as we practiced the walks of different animals and human character types. We really worked the knees and thighs as I decided to base all movement on variations of the demi plie in third for a uniform look. So demonstrating and practicing how to walk, run, jump and fly on the half crouched vertical position soon translated into cramps all up and down my quads.

But never mind me. The kids are looking stiff and slightly uncoordinated since these movements are new to them. They've understood their basic stances and ambulations, but it's going to take some practice before they make their movements confident and smooth. Hope they work hard over the weekend, and learn to use the music too. After all, it's their first taste of classic French mime based on classical ballet.

I'll check in on them again soon. They only have one week to put it all together.

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