Friday, August 01, 2008

"Life was simpler when we had less money..."

In preparation for our first appointment at the HDB, I was running around like a mad thing trying to transfer the funds I cashed out of my CPF investments back into my Ordinary Account to be able to have a sufficient balance for the downpayment of our new digs. Nearly freaked out when the nice, young banker boy who attended to me warned that it would take three to four working days to clear the transaction. That's a wee bit too late, considering I needed the money like, let me see... tomorrow!

But no, I don't, actually. After some panicked clarifications, I realised that it was only during our second appointment (at which we collect our keys) that we need to make any significant payments, and not the first. So everything should be all in readiness when I require it, after all. Got myself all worked up for nothing. :p

Now working on collecting all the documents I need to bring tomorrow. Hope I've got everything...

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