Friday, May 15, 2009

Curtain... 2009

Opening night has always been a magical experience, and this year's Drama Night has been no exception. From rehearsal weeks before right up to curtain tonight there was always something to worry over, some crisis to resolve.

But we opened to a warm crowd, so generous with their cheers and applause, so appreciative of the simple set pieced together on an extremely tight budget. It was the audience that made a big difference to the performance. It energised the performers who took it all in, playing at a level we hadn't yet reached at the dress rehearsal the night before.

Despite the worries, there was no real trouble at all. Everyone pitched in to help, even under no obligation. We had Estate and Security support which was particularly cooperative despite our schools being currently at Yellow Alert status. We had encouraging colleagues who kept our spirits up, plying us with food (thanks, Jojo) and Amy even pitched in to select and collect our reception items from Molly's -- cheap and good wholesale nonya kueh (Mel's recommendation). Speaking of Mel, she personally called in long-distance to wish us all a good show, and probably to remind us what a great time she's having in Poland.

In all the running around I was doing, I'd inadvertently left my cam at my desk, so for the first time, I was forced to watch the show through my own eyes rather then via a tiny LCD screen. Apart from a few minor technical hiccups, and mainly in overcoming the inertia of getting the show started -- it's boring to sit and watch nothing but curtain billowing in the air-conditioning updraft -- the show itself was magic. That is, the magic of previously disparate elements of movement, script, props, set, lighting, sound all coming together for once and seeing the story unfold as envisioned by my student directors of whom I am so proud.

One more show tomorrow night, to most likely a smaller audience. If we keep our heads and not get carried away by tonight's high, I'm certain we'll rock the house again and end our run with a bang. Looking forward to that, and maybe sleep too.

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