Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"Sectionals" 2010

Our item for Drama "Sectionals" went well, with our kids delivering a high-energy performance with spot-on cues and clear and audible voice projection. Playing for an audience, they upped their game to a level I've not seen before and gave their all. Regardless of what result the judges deem, Mel and I are very satisfied with the kids' performance, and the kids believe they have a play to be proud of too. And that is all that matters.

But the bigger test is coming for them. It's fine to play to a more than half empty hall of well-behaved adults, but to attract and keep the attention of a couple of hundred of their peers in the campus lecture theatre, we're moving into a whole new level of performance. Wow!Pow!Bow! 2010 is just around the corner. We'll take a short break over the weekend, then we bring out the whips and chains again as NYeDC swings back into full production mode. Mustn't let them get complacent. Heh.

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