Sunday, July 04, 2010


Have to take my hat off to the octopus. The Xmac curse finally came to an emphatic end with the German World Cup machine stamping its authority all over the Argies, 4-0. This is one time I didn't mind losing to an invertebrate in a contest of prognostication. And if his foresight saves him from becoming tomorrow's tako-ball, more power to him! Great job, Paul!

And in the pix, Germany has another proud supporter of the non-human animal species. Yes, Q-tip, nice jersey.


amy said...

have you heard about mani the parakeet? even more psychic! local talent somemore.

Xmac said...

In case you're wondering about Amy's cryptic comment, hare's a link:,4136,247354,00.html

It'll be interesting if both Mani and Paul predict different results for the same match.

amy said...

how come i can't see my own cryptic comment?
oh well, mani might have lost its touch but gained new fans!

Xmac said...

Eh? Where did your comment go? It was there last time I looked. Sigh... Blogger!!!

Ha ha! All the more cryptic now!