Thursday, September 16, 2010

Make them first!

S'poreans are not producing enough babies because, according to the DPM, we are waiting to achieve a 'perfect life' before we feel secure enough to make those adorable little copies of ourselves. His advice: make them first. Life will never be perfect anyway, so get on with it! This, of course, is hot on the heels of PM's recent national address in which the PM presented the same exhortation.

Look, I'm not against the making of babies. In fact, I'm all for making lots and lots of babies! It's a fantastic process, but what does one do with the end product? The responsibility of having to personally look after each one for 25 years of their natural lives is a more effective contraceptive than a rubber prophylactic soaked in a vat of industrial-strength spermicide.

Anyone want to discuss how we as a nation have become too responsible for own own good?


elim said...

It's an Asian thing. My sister's American friend got kicked out when he was 16 to fend for himself. No there weren't any quarrels. ;)

Xmac said...

The Americans have a greater sense of independence. Foutunately, we're not Italian. They NEVER leave their mother's basement, apparently.