Thursday, November 04, 2010

Planned obsolescence

That's it. Done with the last consult. The last three weeks were intense, but it felt good to talk with the kids around a conference table than to talk at them in a classroom. Despite the disastrous results they've been getting throughout the year, it's gratifying to see they haven't given up and are still intent on doing well.

But it's out of my hands now. I've relinquished my hold on the bicycle and it's up to them to pedal, coast... or crash on their own. Like an anxious parent, all I can do is watch them go; knowing that if I've done my job well enough, they won't need me any more.

Keep pedaling, kids, and don't look back!


elim said...

Facebook has taken over my life so much that I wanted to 'like' your post, and was sad to see there was no 'like' button. -.-""

Xmac said...

Aww, don't be sad. I appreciate the comment more than a button-push. :)