Sunday, December 12, 2010

The techno-suit: do more, be more

Science-fiction is coming true, though perhaps in a more benign form than envisioned in the movies. Cyberdine in our world isn't building Terminator robots but robotic suits that help enable the disabled. Ironically, the device is called HAL, also the name of the computer-gone-mental in Kubrick's '2001'.

Compare 'real' HAL with Lockheed Martin's HULC, not Marvel Comics' not-so-jolly green giant but another assistive robotic suit designed to help the US grunt be more than he can be. As far as aesthetics goes, the Japanese trump the Americans again, though the bright colours aren't very tactical on the battlefield.

Kids (and teachers) who think science-fiction is nothing but pure fantasy, are you having second thoughts now?

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