Friday, June 15, 2012

Helm, set a course!

A new gadget! A Holux S Tracknavi 61B portable GPS for M2. It's a seriously be-earlied bdae pressie from Tong and family. Yes, I have heard reports that the newly-announced iOS6 is killing such dedicated gadgets, but while I'm currently iPhone-less (waiting and seeing if the next iTeration will be worth making the switch) this one will do nicely for getting me from place to unfamiliar place on the road.

Just to test out my new on-board digital navigator, I programmed it to get me someplace familiar. Key in the destination in the search bar with predictive text, hit the 'Navigate' button on the touchscreen and we're off. Clear voice directions way in advance of nav waypoints, supported by symbolic, photographic and 'live' map graphics; it's hard to get lost with this thing in the car now. So where do I let it take me on its virgin voyage? To a place where the burgers are so thick they have to be nibbled at from around the edges, and so. much. bacon. *burp!

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masterofboots said...

currently the man is functioning as my GPS. I haven't even driven on my own yet! This might be just what i need to be independent.