Saturday, August 18, 2012

Brunch at Jones'

Dunno why I thought Jones the Grocer would have a fish and chips thingy to satisfy  a recent craving, but no dice there. What they did offer was this rigatoni served with stewed veal, topped with gruyere cheese shavings. The pasta was nicely al dente, but a bit cold around the edges. Either I took too long with the shot (above) or it might do them some good to warm their plates before serving. Fortunately the stew was generous and still hot, so overall, it didn't taste too bad. The pix doesn't do the colours much justice, but they do take the trouble with presentation and this was actually quite an appealingly coloured dish.

The other thing we ordered on the brunch menu was this, the Croque Madame. Basically a ham, egg and cheese panini wrapped around with a wide strip of Parma ham. I don't comprehend the name of this dish: it didn't come with anything discernibly deep-fried and crispy so the "croque" is a bit of a misnomer; and the Madame... well, I don't quite see a "Madame" lifting this Dagwood-proportioned sandwich up to her mouth with both hands and chomping down with gusto, so that too, is something of a mystery. Having said that, it was still a darned good, hearty sandwich.

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