Friday, August 31, 2012

'chers' Day 2012

Lots of things to be grateful for this 'chers' Day. The Drama Club's 'recruitment ad' skit went off nicely. The story was focused and tight, nothing extraneous or distracting, intentions crystal clear. Our performers could use more practice hand-holding their mikes, though -- we occasionally lost sound with a couple of characters. I'm sure Sirius had a hand in the final tweaks prior to curtain, and that's really decent of her because it wasn't any of her contractual obligations with us.

Nice of the kids to present me with a hand-made card fronted with a portrait of myself. Ahem. What's really nice were the many hand-written notes appreciating how different their GP experience has been, and how they've been able to learn from it. Good to know because most of the time I get more flak than accolades for the kind of classes I run. I have a great bunch of kids this year... or maybe it's just Stockholm Syndrome. Hope their faith pays off in spades with their final grades.

Combined schools dinner with the usual crazy bunch seated at a table far from the main proceedings. Best case scenario, as we were generally left to our own devices for entertainment, and we are usually our own best entertainers. That, and a little good news of a general modest raise all round for every rank-and-filer in the industry. As someone said, it isn't just about the money... but a little mo' money doesn't hurt. Yays!

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