Friday, October 12, 2012

Empty nest

Doubt anyone involved in this shoot from two or three weeks ago will kill me for sharing it in this entry. We took this short clip to bid adios to our Class of 2012 which is now officially on study leave in preparation for the upcoming final exam.

This is not to say that the staff are packing our bags to wait out the rest of the year on a sunny beach in Hawaii, sipping mai-tais. Rather, we'll be up to our necks deep in mock exams, and individual and small group consultations until pretty much the paper itself.

About the video: I wish I could have directed a more coherent script rather than the episodic thing it is. Considering how little time we had to put it together, it had to do. And no, I'm not asking for more time, but maybe to think more towards a consistent narrative next time around... hmm...

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