Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thank God for Monday

All I ever wanted from my weekend was to catch GI Joe: Retaliation and a great deal more than a mere 40 winks. And maybe some time to memorize my script for Drama Night.

What I got was shopping for flowers for the parentals' wedding anniversary, dropping off said flowers at the ancestral abode, dropping in at the hospice to look in on Jen's dad (who's seriously ill) and attempting to comfort him with our mutual akwardness, shopping for discounted unmentionables at Northpoint, taking Tasha to class and having a fantastic dinner to close off Saturday.

Today, took Tasha for her first grooming (paid for by voucher), shopped for more discounted unmentionables at AMK Hub, joined Jen in a celebratory tea to celebrate her dad's 80th at the hospice, joined the parentals for their anniversary dinner along with the sibs, et. al, and made Tasha do her homework -- somehow, the trainer made it look a lot easier in class yesterday.

No G.I. Joe: Retaliation and I'll be lucky to catch even 10 winks in total over the weekend. Since when did I ever become such a social animal?

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