Friday, June 21, 2013

K9 Kafe: great food in a hard-to-find location

On another pet-friendly food establishment run. We are at the K9 Kafe, Grandstand. However, it isn't actually located at the Grandstand building, but in a smaller set of buildings that might have been the stables when this place was the Turf Club. K9 Kafe is part of K9 Campus which houses dog grooming, daycare and veterinary services. The place could use better signage because it took us a couple of phone calls to the cafe for directions. Driving, you're more likely to find the place when you're almost exiting the main complex. It's right at a T-junction at the south end of the Grandstand. Don't drive too quickly or you might miss it.

On the doggie menu, Tasha enjoyed the shepherd's pie with a side of veggies.

She was really excited when the supreme pizza came. It was packed with ham, loads of cheese, some bacon and pepperoni and green peppers. It had the fragrance of very freshly made pizza, homely and it's a flavour I've missed since I got acquainted with it since TO days.

If you look past the chair, that's my burger being grilled on a propane BBQ. That's a summer tradition I've also missed since TO days. I apologize for adding more smoke to the haze but... totally worth it!

I didn't know when I ordered it but my burger was a double! The grilling left the patties juicy, but what the menu said were baby portobello mushrooms look more like champignon mushrooms to me. Eh, who cares? The whole thing was awesome to bite into, and once again, that home-made freshness came through.

The aftermath. Everything. clean. The food might have been so good because the staff probably took the time to pay attention to the details. The pace was unhurried, the portions lavish. This place could use better business, but until then it's a great place to grade assignments... with dog.

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