Thursday, June 27, 2013

Noisy dog

Took Tasha back to K9 Kafe with the intention of using the peace and quiet and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy lunch and get some assignment grading done. I ordered a spaghetti with chicken wings (odd combination). Tasha had a beef steak with diced baked potato. Evidently, she enjoyed her steak very much. She would not sit still. She had no concept of delayed gratification. She would not wait for me to put a cube of meat on a fork piece by piece. In between mouthfuls (hers and mine) she kept barking in that high pitched, irritating yap that sends shockwaves through the brain. That's her "I know my rights" bark. The one she reserves for unwelcome house guests is worse. Anyway, it wasn't the ambience or the food that put paid to my plans. It was the dog.

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