Monday, October 07, 2013

UTI cat back in hossie

Poor Maui's back in the hospital, his UTI having relapsed. The docs will probably highly recommend surgery this time. Because of the relapse, I don't know if refusing the procedure a second time is in his best interest. There are pros and cons, but I still think that's the absolute last resort. We'll know more when the ultrasound scan comes back and we can confer over them.

I dropped in on him during the evening visiting hour bearing a can of wet food. He's not been eating and we hoped a rare treat would perk up his appetite some. It worked! He perked up immediately and was a happy boy the whole time I was there.

He is one cat that doesn't get overstimulated by petting. I kept rubbing the top of his head and scratching the bottom of his chin. When I stopped to rest, he sought out my hand for more. Any distraction, I guess, is good to take his mind off the drip and catheter he's been fitted with, and the awkward cone that prevents him from ripping them out.

Perhaps when I visit again tomorrow, I'll be clearer about what options are viable for him in his condition.

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