Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hats off to Hatter Street

Chillin' at Hatter Street. This Alice in Wonderland theme cafe is charmingly whimsical, with little odd touches of decor. Mainly serving desserts, the menu offers quirky, inventive cakes and pastries flavoured for Asian and local tastes. Kumquat tart, Macau pudding, Snickers cheesecake, white and dark chocolate brownies, anyone? The friendly proprietor took great pleasure in walking us through the different delectable treats featured in the display case where everything is made on-site, even the ice-cream. Above is the salted caramel waffle, which sounds quite off-beat, but the savoury taste of the caramel worked well with the fluffy, lightly crispy waffle batter and the vanilla scoop on top; avoiding the sensation of oversweet surfeit you get from some places when they've been overgenerous with their sugars. Nice selection of teas too, some with unusual flowery or fruity infusions that are good for cleansing the palate between desserts. Another cafe on the list checked off satisfactorily.

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