Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ma'am, yes, ma'am!

New drama coach arrived and made a big impression on the kids. Never worked with Adelynn before but she looks like she has had lots of experience working with young people. Her demeanor is formal, confident and most of all, no nonsense. Haven't yet decided if she's really a velvet fist in an iron glove or vice versa. Either way, the kids are going to learn to be very disciplined and respectful under her tutelage.

Despite her frosty cool exterior, she quickly opened the kids up with activities/exercises they seemed to enjoy. Yet while they had fun, it was clear that she was still in charge, keeping them focused and on-task, which is no mean feat, considering how easily distracted these kids can get. If this tone can maintain, we're going to have a grueling run up to production, but by that time our cast and crew will be well-trained and effective. Very.

Drama Night looks to be in good hands this year. Looks like I can take a step back from stagecraft and put more attention on managing the event for a change. To take on the challenge of Producer is something I've been avoiding, always keeping within my comfort zone of assistant director. But I think it's time to grow up a little and do something more responsible for once. Having a good team in place does wonders for one's confidence.

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